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iSOUL Contactless Door Opener Tool, Antimicrobial Hygiene Keychain, EDC Ergonomic Hook No Touch Key Safety Tool for Outdoor Public Door Handle Closer Touchscreen Button ATM & Mobile Stylus
  • [Ergonomic Design] Non-Touch door opener keychain has the perfectly handy and easy to carry design. The size is L83 x W37 x D6.0mm. The thumb grip & the finger hole are designed so you can have a proper grip & makes it more convenient to use. There is also a keyring loop so you are able to attach it to your keys to ensure you always have it with you when you are out & about! The bottom two ends are designed so one can be used as a "door hook" & the other to touch or press objects or devices.
  • [Anti-Microbial] The material used in this keychain is Alloy Zinc. The researchers have found that this material can slow or kill the spread of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi on them within a few hours, making it germ free. Alloys are commonly referred to as “anti-microbial coppers” and can inactivate the germs as compared to steel and plastic.
  • [Suitable Touch Screen] This upgraded door opener has a touch screen function which can be used in iPhone, iPads, tablets, smartphones and many other touch screen electronics to prevent exposure to bacteria. Both the ends can be covered with two soft silicone protective tips for soft use (Comes in the pack).
  • [Make use of] One can use this handy product in day to day life. It prevents you from coming in to close hand contact with objects that may be infected. The two bottom protective tips from which the door hook can be used for opening or closing the door, carry bags, pull levers, drawers . The other tip can be used for pressing buttons, touchscreen devices i.e store checkout, Credit card machines, Elevator Buttons, Cash machine.
  • [Rust and corrosion-proof] The material used in this hygiene hook keychain is Alloy Zinc so the Zinc helps to prevent rust and corrosion on it thus one can wipe it with a wet cloth. Note: It is not suitable or advisable to place it in the hands of children (Under 3 years) or any other individual who can un-intentionally put it in their mouth.
SaleBestseller No. 2
No Touch Door Opener, 4 Pack Contactless Door Handle Opener Tool, Door Opener Keychain, Multitools Smart Key Tool, Serves as Bottle Opener and Stylus Pad - Keychain Included
  • Are you looking for a practical and effective way of maintaining a better hygiene throughout the day? Would you like to prevent touching dirty, intensely used surfaces such as door handles or ATM buttons? This No Touch door opener tool is exactly what you need!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DOOR OPENER - Each hook can be used as a sanitary door opener, no touch button pusher tool, keychain tool, bottle opener, touch screen tool for ATM, Payment Machines, Cell phone, Elevators, etc, without touching directly.
  • UPGRADED DESIGN - Unlike similar products on the market, this contactless door opener features an improved non-slip design with a special metal hook which prevents the door handle from sliding.
  • NO TOUCH DOOR OPENER, REUSABLE - Our EDC contactless door openers are made of high-quality zinc alloy which is guaranteed to withstand the test of time without rusting or breaking. Sold in 4 colors/set, more choice, a best gift for family and friends.
  • PORTABLE KEYCHAIN TOUCH TOOL, EASY TO CARRY - This door opener keychain is small and light and each is equipped with a key chain, so you can hang keys and other small accessories together. Size of 2.83"x1.18"x0.2", carry it anytime, anywhere, it is very convenient.
Bestseller No. 3
4 Pack No Touch Door Opener Tool, BOIROS Contactless Hands Free Door Opener EDC Ergonomic Hook No Touch Key Safety Tool for Public Door Handle Closer Touchscreen Stylus with Retractable Keyring
  • ✅ 【AVOID DIRECT TOUCH】Using our no touch door opener to avoid direct touch to multiple surfaces, help your hands maintain better hygiene throughout daily life, safe from germs, bacteria, and dirty stuff. This upgraded door opener tool can help you pull door knobs/drawer handles, press the elevator buttons, flush a toilet, enter password in ATM, move a chair and so on without touching directly, reduce your exposure to protect your health.
  • ✅ 【3 IN 1 Multifunction】Not only a safe contactless door opener, you could also use them to touch screen when you can not touch your phone with gloves. When working on devices such as sliding mobile phones, typing, electronic signatures, ATM machines, etc.The soft silicone head does not have to worry about scratching your screen. You can also use the no touch tool as a bottle opener, and you can open and enjoy the beers easily in anywhere.
  • ✅ 【REASONABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN】We designed the edc door opener using an ergonomic design, it has perfect hook design which can hook the door handle more securely.Reasonable grip design can make fingers easier to grasp. Only one finger required to operate the door opening tool. The stretchable key chain allows you to directly use it without any cumbersome operation, you don’t need to take off the key fob every time like a traditional door handle assistant before you can use it.
  • ✅ 【EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP】This safe key door opener is made of Zinc alloys which are called "antibacterial copper". Compared with steel and plastics,the special material properties can inactivate bacteria. Excellent for keeping yourself assured when performing everyday activities in public. This is the perfect gift for your significant other, kid, parent, office co-workers or best friend- help them stay safe and avoid germs.
  • ✅ 【LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE】The pocket-sized hands free door opener is compact and lightweight, which can be easily and conveniently stored in pocket and handbag, or hung in a backpack for travel need. It is very user-friendly and practical. And this easy to carry tool comes with a keyholder which you can attach to your bunch of keys, belt buckle, jeans or anywhere convenient. Weighing at under 40g per safeky door opener, you will hardly notice it is on you.
Bestseller No. 4
3 Pieces No Touch Door Opener Tool with Rubber Stylus Tip Reusable Personalized Non-Contact Keychain Keep Hands Safe and Clean
  • Sturdy and durable: contactless keychain is made of zinc alloy and well coated, sturdy and durable, can withstand a long-term use
  • Multi-function and non-contact: simply designed with handle hook, finger hole and stylus tip, the contactless door opener is easy to open doors, press buttons, pull levers, and even touch your smart phone or other devices with touch screen
  • Easy to use: the front has a stylus point that can be applied to pressing buttons on PIN pads, shared surfaces and elevator button, the hook can be applied to hook the door handle and open the door, faster and more convenient than open the door with paper towel
  • Easy to carry: the mini contactless keychain only measures 3.27 x 1.97 x 0.6 inch, the size is smaller than a credit card, portable to carry around in your pocket or handbag
  • Key ring design: the key tool has an eye-catching shape that looks like a beautiful key, the door opener is designed with a small key hole, convenient for you to hang keys, easy to carry and use
SaleBestseller No. 5
MS. DEAR Upgraded No Touch Door Opener, 3 Pack Contactless Door Opening Tool with Easy Pull Keychain, Served as Bottle Opener, Stylus Tip, Multifunctional for Surfaces, Touchscreens, Handles, Buttons
  • ❤Hands-Free Door Opener --- by using this door opener tool to avoid direct touch to multiple surfaces and help your hands maintain better hygiene throughout daily life, safe from germs and dirty stuff. It is a must-have if you have such a need.
  • ❤Expanding Usage --- With an inbuilt bottle opener and a stylus tip, the door opening tool can replace your fingers and reduce physical contact in the public area, widely used in opening doors, pressing buttons, operating on public touch screens, opening bottles and beers, etc.
  • ❤Exquisite Craftsmanship --- Made with premium heavy-duty zinc alloy, ergonomically designed shape and non-slip exterior make it comfortable and secure to hold in the hand for easy and effortless operation. It will hold a lot of use for quite a long time.
  • ❤Free Bonus --- Comes with three key chains and two replacement silicone caps. The stretchable key chain allows you to directly use it without any cumbersome operation. The touch function is a big helper for you to handle any public screen-touch devices.
  • ❤Portable and Flexible --- We upgraded it! The new Size: LxW=3.9*2.1inch, The hook is extended to 1.26“, easy to carry around, can be easily slid into your pocket, wallet, purse, handbag, etc. You can also hang it on the waist for max convenience. NOTE: Feel free to tell us if our products dissatisfy you. We will address any issues.
Bestseller No. 6
AIRA Contactless Door Opener Tool, Antimicrobial Hygiene Keychain, EDC Ergonomic Hook No Touch Key Safety Tool for Outdoor Public Door Handle Closer Touchscreen Button ATM Mobile Stylus (Matte Black)
  • ✅ Easy to Use: Non-Touch door opener keychain tool is stylish, handy and easy to use. The size is L83 x W37 x D6.0mm. The thumb grip & the finger hole are designed in a way to be gripped firm and to be used conveniently. There is also a loop which you can attach to your keys ring to carry it along wherever you go. The one end can be used as a "door hook" and the other end to touch or operate the objects and devices.
  • ✅ Anti-Microbial: This tool is made from Zinc Alloy. According to a research this material can slow down the spread of microorganisms by killing them in a few hours. Thereby keeping you safe and healthy. For this Zinc Alloy is always a better choice than steel and plastics.
  • ✅ Touch Screen Friendly: This stylish door opener can be used to operate touch screen devices such as iPhones, iPads, tablets, android smartphones and many other touch screen devices to prevent direct exposure to germs. Both operative ends can be covered with two soft silicone protective tips for soft use which are included in the package.
  • ✅ Uses: This trendy product can be used in routine life. It prevents you from direct contact with objects and surfaces that may be infected with germs. You can use this smart gadget as a door opener, door closer, drawer puller, to carry shopping bags and to operate multiple devices like ATM cash machines, lift buttons, card machines etc.
  • Durability: This product is rust and corrosion proof and has a 2years limited guarantee of breakage. Warning: Keep out of the reach of children and others who can unintentionally put these in their mouth.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Olycism No Touch Door Opener 2PCS Contactless Door Opener Tool No Touch Key Safety Tool for Outdoor Public Door Handle Closer Elevator Touchscreen Button ATM with Key Chain Silicone Tips
  • 【Easy to Carry with Key Chain】Lightweight, portable and small, the reasonable design makes it easy to carry around at any time. Equipped with a key chain, so it can be hung on the waistband, hung with the key, put in the bag, etc., you can choose according to your own situation, which is really convenient
  • 【Touch Screen with Silicon Caps】Each door opener equipped with 2 silicon caps, which can be used on touch screen mobile phones, use at bank ATM and self-service touch screen machines in hospitals, which can greatly help you avoid contact with bacteria
  • 【Avoid Touching the Door Handle】As we all know, the door handle is the place most people touch. Using the door opening tool can avoid directly contact with the door handle and keep your hands clean, which can help you stay away from bacteria and viruses
  • 【Product Specifications】The material of non-Touch door opener is alloy zinc. The size is L83 mm x W37 mm. The thumb grip and the finger hole are designed so you will have a nice experience on using conveniently. In addition, each tool is also equipped with a key chain, anti-oxidation and anti-wear, the size is L69 mm x W30 mm
  • 【Reasonable Design】The finger grip is well-designed and is non-slip when in use. The size of the finger hole and the curvature of the inner ring ensure that you won't get hand pain when using; the length of the handle allows you to open the door very comfortably without slipping
Bestseller No. 8
ONE TOUCH Contactless Door Opener Tool, Retractable, Antimicrobial Hygiene Keyring, EDC Hook, No Touch Key Safety Tool, Bottle Opener, Door Handle Closer Touch Screen Button ATM & Mobile Stylus Pen
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL: Zinc Alloy Material which has been scientifically proven to slow or kill the spread of germs and microorganisms including fungi, bacteria and viruses within a few hours. Alloy metals are referred to as "anti-microbial" due to inactivating the germs compared to plastics and steel
  • TOUCH SCREEN STYLUS & BUTTON PRESS: The rubber nib on the device allows you to use it on a smart phone or any Touch screen/Button device to avoid direct contact with your hands. These include iPhones, iPads, ATM, Card Readers, Bus STOP buttons, Elevator push buttons, Touch screen menus at restaurants or fast food chains, or any electronic/touchable device to prevent any exposure to bacteria.
  • DAILY USEAGE: Hygienic and handy product that can be used on a day to day basis. The device prevents the need to touch the things which are potentially infected. The nib on the ONETOUCH allows for touch screen usage and pressing buttons when on a bus, tram, ATM, elevator buttons, store checkouts, credit card machines etc. The door hook can be used for opening or closing doors, holding carry bags, opening drawers, pulling levers and more...
  • RUST AND CORROSION PROOF: Zinc Alloy which is the material used in this product which is known to prevent rust and corrosion on it and can be wiped easily with a cloth. Note: It is not advisable to allow children (under 3) to play with this device.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This is the perfect gift for anyone who is cautious of the current climate we are in. The ONETOUCH enables you to go about your day whilst maintaining hygiene.
Bestseller No. 9
2 Pieces No-Touch Door Opener Tool Multifunctional EDC Door Opener Stylus Keychain, Non-Contact Button Screen Stylus Pen Contactless Door Opener with Bottle Opener Rubber Tip (Rose Gold, Black)
  • Basical use: hands free, applied to open door, input password, press elevator button, press toilet button, turn on/ off the tap, carry bag, open drawer, etc.
  • Innovation function: 1 screen stylus pen: quality materials, easy to use phone, smooth feeling; 2 Bottle opener: enjoy beer every time and place
  • Quality material: durable zinc alloy, keep it light and strong, enhance convenience and guaranteed service life
  • Portable size and weight: about 2.8 x 1.2 x 0.2 in/ 72 x 30 x 5 mm, 1 oz/ 28 g, very delicate and portable
  • 2 Pieces: you will get 2 pieces door openers in 2 colors, that you can keep one for personal use and one for your lover or family
SaleBestseller No. 10
[3 Pack] No Touch Door Opener Tool, Sturdy Multitool, Hands Free Keychain, Contactless Door Handle Grabber with Rubber-Coated Hook & Stylus [3 Carabiners Included]
  • 🔥 5-IN-1 MULTITOOLS - Are you concerned about Touching Public Surfaces that may be Full of Germs with your Clean Hands? With these Tools you can not only open Any Door Handle Safely, but you can also open Glass Bottles, Cans, you can use ATMs without having to touch any button and you can use its precise rubber tip to use any touch screen device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) without touching it with your fingers. You can also use these Tools to hold a smartphone on a table
  • 💡 OPEN-ANGLE DESIGN FOR ANY DOOR HANDLE - Door Handles come in different shapes and sizes, and they may be quite thick and hard. To tackle this issue, this Tool has been specifically designed in order to work with Any Door Handle of Any Size and Shape. Thus its Unique Open-Angle Design allows you to open Any Door with Any Handle of Any Size and Shape, unlike other models which may not be suitable for bigger handles due to their closed-angle design
  • 🛡️ COMFORTABLE RUBBER-COATED HOOK - This is an absolutely unique feature. When you open a Door Handle with a piece of metal, there will be some noisy and uncomfortable friction that may also cause scratches on the Door Handle Surface. By having a Convenient Rubber Strip on the Contact Surface of the Hook, opening Door Handles will feel like a “breeze”, with zero risk of damaging surfaces. It will feel so good that you will want to use it on every single Door you will Open from now on
  • 🔐 3 CARABINERS INCLUDED - If you are wondering where to keep your Door Opener Tools in order to have them handy whenever you need them, we included 3 shiny Carabiners in the package that will allow you to attach each Tool wherever it’s more convenient, like to your Keys (becoming effectively a Keychain) or to your Trousers’ Belt Loops or to your Bag for example
  • 🛠️ STURDY AND HIGH QUALITY - The Gamma Burst Door Opener Tools are made of High Quality Zinc Alloy. When You hold one in your hand, you can feel its Sturdiness, made to give you maximum comfort and safety to Allow you to Face this uncertain world in the Best possible way. The package includes one Black, one Nickel and one Pink Tool, along with 3 convenient Carabiners and 3 replacement tips

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